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Trying to Slalom with the Car

I was driving through a tunnel in Roanoke which is having the lights replaced after thirty years. It goes under one of the main runways of the local airport. I was getting used to the dark as I drove through the tunnel. I thought that I had found that ever illusive invisible ice. The problem with the construction is that they have closed one side of the tunnel and directed two-way traffic through the same side of the tunnel. To ensure that the car stay safe passing each other in the tunnel, they have placed orange sticks that look like the poles that are used in the winter downhill slalom course in the Olympics. I am not sure how these little orange poles are going to keep the traffic from hitting each other, they appear that I could push them over with my hand.

The other day I was going through the tunnel and I had the overwhelming urge to run the tunnel as a slalom course with my car. The problem is that there were cars on the other side, so I had to stay in my lane. This quickly explained the situation, the orange poles did not keep me in my lane, the other cars kept me in my lane. I did not desire to find myself in another wreck, tear up my car, or get a ticket for slalom driving. The key to getting through the tunnel was to stay in my lane, follow the rules and obey to avoid the consequences of disobedience.

As you go through life, there are going to be opportunities to choose to follow the path that goes against God’s plan for you. If you stray from God’s path, there are consequences, temptations and dangers that war against your soul. Stay on God’s path and He will continue to protect and direct you to the best for your life. In Psalms 16:11, we read; “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

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