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Finding ALL the Pieces in Life!

This past Saturday my wife and I went to Broadway, VA to see our daughter , son-in-law, and our granddaughter. She is our favorite granddaughter because she is the only granddaughter. My daughter decided that she wanted to work a puzzle while we were there. I never have really been into puzzles, I'm just not that good at sitting around staring at the same pieces without moving. I've never been really good at just sitting, you can ask my elementary teachers. You can also ask anyone at my church who has heard me preach a sermon, I cannot stand still when I teach or when I preach, however; because it meant that I got to see my family I was fine with working the puzzle.

It was not very long into the puzzle that I decided I was happier spending time with my granddaughter instead of the puzzle. I made this decision about the time my son in law asked, “Are you sure we have all the pieces?” I do not like puzzles that don't have all the pieces. It turned out we did have all the pieces; we just couldn't figure out where the pieces went. That is how many people are in life, they don't believe that they have all the pieces, but in reality; they just don’t know where everything fits together because they cannot see the big picture the way that God does.

I believe that many people would be better to slow down and allow God to reveal each piece of their personal life one piece at a time. After all, your life and my life are only a puzzle to us, but it is not a puzzle to God. He knows the plans He has for us and if we will allow God to direct our path, the path is straight. The Bible teaches in Psalm 139:16, “Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began.” So, before you get frustrated thinking that your life is a puzzle without all the pieces, go to God. God knows how everything fits together and will direct you one piece at a time.

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